“…In This Crazy Little Mixed Up World”

By: Katie Luken

Saying Goodbye. February 26, 2009

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Well, after one really hard, long, drawn-out decision….it’s time to come home.  I say my final “goodbye” to the great state of New Mexico tomorrow at 7am.

This is my farewell to the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico) and to the City of Vision (Rio Rancho) and it goes a little something like this….

Is it weird that I don’t really know what to say or how to start this?
I could jabber on about my decision and why I’m doing this, but I feel most of you already know the answer to that from my previous posts.  Ultimately I just can’t handle being out here anymore.  I miss my family and friends too much.  I think it really says something when you sit at home on the weekends and find yourself starring at the walls and wishing it was a workday.  Wtf is my problem?…oh yeah, I have NO ONE out here.  So the time has come…I need my life back.  I’ve done all that I can to at least TRY to get happy, and I just feel like I am failing.  I just knew something wasn’t right when I started to cry every single day.

So instead of reflecting on my decision and why I’m doing this, I’m just going to write about my time in NM.  The Land of Enchantment has been so amazing.  I know it probably wasn’t my first pick of states to move to, but damn close enough.  My dream since I was a little girl was to move out west and to be able to ski in the Rockies every weekend.  I’m pretty sure I accomplished it, and I’m couldn’t be more proud of myself!  Moving out to NM was the best decision I have ever made.

New Mexico, although not the greatest place to live, is so amazing.  I think people underestimate its beauty.  Did you know a high percentage of Americans don’t even know the location of New Mexico, let alone it’s even a state in the US?  Kinda crazy, huh?  New Mexico is such a beautiful place, the weather is amazing, the views are breathtaking, there is a lot to do and see, and a lot to take in.  People usually think of NM is a barren desert and the only thing to do is chase rattlesnakes and play with the occasional cactus.  That’s not it at all.  Infact, one of the major quotes established with Albuquerque is “There’s a mountain here!” 
I would love to share with you every single experience, every single thing I’ve learned, and every single major thing that has happened over the last two years…but there aren’t enough words to describe it and I’m sure you don’t care anyway.

I certainly do not have one single regret about this move.  Sometimes I get the vibe that people think I absolutely hate it out here.  That’s not it at all.  I have no one to blame but myself for my actions and sometimes I only wish I would have done more to better my experience.  Yes, there are a few things I should have changed, but overall, no regrets…that’s my motto….and, well you know the rest.
I also think some of my reasons for not putting myself out there and changing things are some of my experiences.  I dealt with a shitty roommate who had our electric turned out twice and almost went to court with, I’ve been in a car wreck, I’ve had fraud and identity theft, the list goes on.  Right when I moved, I had such an amazing string of luck and just got so caught up in the moment of everything going so well.  That feeling slowly began to fade and now my luck has run dry.  I’m not blaming “luck” on my reasoning either…I’m just sick of things not going my way and I think it was becoming emotionally draining.  I also do not want people to think this was a quick last minute decision.  I still can remember the day back in September when I called my dad crying telling him how bad I wanted to come home.  This decision has been completely thought out and weighed in every direction seemingly possible.  I have written everything down numerous times, talked it over with the rents, and even got opinions from close friends.  In fact, I feel as if I’ve put way too much thought into this.  So in the end, this decision was not easy, it took some time, and I can only hope that I am making the right one.  If not, I’m in no mood to care right now.  What’s done is done.  I just want to be back home with the people who love me for who I am.

Not only has this move taught me so much about life, cultures, the west, work, and growing up…it has also taught me a lot about myself as a person.  Again, I could go on about all the things I have learned, but I don’t want to bore you with my new visions of life and how I’ve grown up over the last 2 years.  I will tell you this though…if you EVER come across the opportunity to do something this extravagant, please do it.  Don’t give it any thought, just do it.  Maybe you can see for yourself everything that I saw.  I only wish and hope that people will do what they enjoy. 

After this experience, I hate to see people take the easy way out and around things and only lead a mediocre life.  Strive to be the best you can be at anything you want.  Push yourself a little harder each day and do what is best for you.  I know sometimes it’s difficult, but don’t worry about what other people think.  Live life for yourself!  Most importantly, do what makes YOU happy.  It can tend to be a lot to overcome, but always look at the light at the end of the tunnel and ask yourself “what will be the best end result for me?”  Living this on/off lifestyle out here has taught me so much about finding who I am and doing this that will benefit me and only me.  I have completely stopped worrying about what other people think and have been doing things to benefit me and my results.  I have to do what makes me happy first and foremost. 

I also think a lot of times people look at their past and reflect on what they could have done better and why they didn’t change some of the things they did.  I came to realize that the past is in the past….let it be.  Sometimes you just have to let it go no matter what it takes.  When you dwell on the past, it tends to only make your decisions harder and more drawn out.  Look at the future and the now.  Do things that will benefit you now and in the future.  If you carry around the shadow of your past it can easily haunt you and cause you to make some wrong decisions.  Look at it as a growing tool.  I look my mistakes in the past as a healthy way to learn and grow.  If I were to sit here and be aggravated at the fact that I had my ID stolen, I would probably be a mess.  Instead I learned how to call the bank, talk to the correct people, takes things slow, understand and document everything, and get my money back in just a few simple steps.  I know some things may sound bigger than they are, but they only seem that way if you make it that way.  Get things taken care of while you can and you will learn and grow in ways you never thought were possible!  Take my word for it and just strive to be the best person you can possibly be….you only live one!

Not only have I learned so much as a person, but I have also learned so much about my field and being a Graphic Designer.  In all honesty…I think I have learned more at Bohannan Huston, than I did taking the dumb graphic courses at MSJ.  I just remember sitting out in the lobby watching Cosby on the big screen, “pretending” to do our projects while in class.  Yeah, who lets 3 girls sit out in the lobby instead of actually being in class?  That’s right.  I was so lucky working for BHI.  They really do take care of their employees like you wouldn’t even believe.  They are so updated on technology, software, and hardware.  Our computers were always being updated with the best of the best.  I am really sad to leave my job, and I asked my supervisor if I could just take my cubicle home and work from there, and he pretty much laughed at me.  I took that as a big fat “no.”  But oh well.  It was a great experience and I couldn’t be luckier.

I have made one outstanding friend here in New Mexico and I can’t even begin to thank him enough for everything he has done for me.  Adam, if you ever get the chance to read this…cheers, my friend!  I love you to death, you have been such a great friend throughout all of my experiences and I can only hope our friendship does not end here.  You have taught me so much about life and everything that comes with it.  I know we’ve had our share of ups and downs, but I greatly take everything you share with me and put it in my pocket.  I will never forget some of the amazing times we’ve shared such as skiing and boarding together, playing Wii (“nice on!”), watching every episode of Two and a Half Men, jamming to music, and just hanging out talking.  I’ve learned so much from you, it’s unbelievable.  I think I owe you a lot for having an impact on making me who I am today.  I can’t thank you enough.  You are such a great friend and I can’t wait for you to visit Cincinnati!

Well, this is it.  I’ve said my goodbyes, and I must move forward in my life.  New Mexico has been great and I’d be lying if I said I’m not going to miss it here.  I’ve learned so much about my life and about me personally and I definitely don’t take one single thing back.  I’ve been through so much over the last two years and I can only say I’ve grown from it all.  I look forward to coming home and having a life with my family and friends again.  I couldn’t be happier about my decision and am totally ready to BE BACK IN CINCINNATI!!


If There is Something you can do, DO IT. February 9, 2009

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“Here it is:  This is the whole thing, this little book, your life, your values are about you.  How you carry yourself, the sum of your beliefs that you strive to reach far beyond the norm and accomplish great deeds, are about living a life of true value.  It’s all about setting the tone for how you react, how you respond, how you lead in living YOUR life.”

I can officially say I have read an entire book in 4.5 hours.  Yes, this just proves how amazing my life is out here.  I went to Border’s on Saturday and bought a few books Whitney had requested I read.  I came home, sat down on the couch and didn’t get up till the first book was finished.  Needless to say, it was a pretty amazing book and my highlighter went CrAzY!  The title is “Moving Forward:  Taking the Lead in Your Life.”  I think every person who is either going through some difficult time, already went through a difficult time, or just wants to improve themselves, should pick up this book and give it a shot.  I was a little skeptical at first, because a lot of these so-called “self-improvement” books are just full of mumbo-gumbo and riff-raff that usually goes way over my head (Needless to say, I always think of Dr. Phil and his annoying voice, UGH!).  Not this one.  Dave Pelzer (the author) clearly goes past all the garbage and gets straight to the point.  He is also the author of the famous book “A Child Called IT” (I’m sure you’ve heard of it).  It’s the most famous child abuse case in America.  His mother abused him, didn’t let him eat, threw him down the basement stairs, made him sleep on a cot, and literally called him “IT.”  He was not a part of the family…until a teacher from his middle school finally intervened and made sure he was put into foster care.  Now, Dave is a public speaker and an author, and influences men and women all across the world about how to improve yourself, get rid of the garbage in your life, step up, and move on. 

I could take all day and point out the wonderful quotes from this book that I have highlighted, but I don’t feel the need.  You just have to read it for yourself.  Overcoming what he went though is an amazing story to me.  He points out that just because you hit a rough patch in life, doesn’t mean you have to mourn over it for years and years to come.  He brought up the fact that he met some lady at a book signing and she wanted him to help her.  She had been abused one time as a child, and now, 30 years later, she is still going to therapy and getting all worked up and emotional over a 10 minute act of abuse when she was just a little kid.  He tells her “to grow the hell up,” not in a mean way, but in a literal way.  He points out that people can’t depend on therapy for all of their problems.  Why waste your time and money preaching to some strange person?  He also mentions that you usually don’t open up to a therapist until the 4th or 5th session anyway.  Seems likes such a waste to me.  Ultimately, you have to put things in the past, you have to grow up and get over things yourself.  It’s not worth stressing about the little things in life.

Dave also talks about a few rough patches in his life.  In the chapter called “Stepping Up” he talks about going through his divorce.  He moves into a single-house summer cabin that’s at least two decades older than he is (mental picture…ew).  He is sitting on his front steps one day and says “I gave thanks for at least having a roof to provide me shelter and an air mattress to lie on.  I had more than others.  As pitiful as I felt and as alone as I was, I was grateful that at the very least, for a period of my life I had more than anyone could have ever dreamed of.”  I think sometimes people take for granted what they have and own.  I think sometimes people need to take a step back and wonder what would happen if everything they owned was all taken away.  This section makes me think of dad and “the junk house.”  Only a select few will get that.

I think my favorite chapter is called “You Gotta Believe.” 
“Your esteem, which for some, can change within a single beat of your heart, is displayed by how you carry yourself.”  Dave brings up the point that people will see you for how you carry yourself and for what you believe in.  You have to be strong about yourself and at least TRY!  The best quote from this section is “Doesn’t the experience make us a bit stronger or wiser, or, at the very least, provide us with some foundation, some form of a base to build upon?  It damn well should!”  I really enjoy how strongly he words things.  It makes me want to get up and scream “I AM ME AND I AM PROUD TO BE ME!!”

“Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way” he says in the chapter called “Stepping Up.”  He talks about having plans and following through.  Don’t say you’re going to do something and don’t.  That’s a huge no-no in life.  “The more you go for it, the more you succeed.”  He states that some people in the world will try to knock you down, but you being the person you are, the person with self-esteem, has to get back up on your high horse and do what you have to do to make yourself a happier person.  “That’s why you have a vision – you conceive it, you nurture it, and you strive to see it through.  No matter how overwhelming things may be, you hold fast.  No matter what others may say or do, no matter the doubt, you have to know in your heart what is true and why you do what you do.  And that should be enough.”

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to ruin this book by stating a bunch of quotes, but I just can’t help it.  Normally I’m not so goo-goo over a stupid little book, but seriously, you need to read this.  Even if you think your life is great and can’t get any better, well take another look around you.  I love helping people strive to be better.  I really want to see people live up to thier potential.  It kills me when people just sit around and do nothing to better themselves.  The least you can do is try.  If all else fails, pick yourself back up and try again.  “Continue to reach out beyond the norm to better yourself, as you grow, you’ll only become stronger.  You’ll only become all the wiser.  So you damn well should be able to take a few jabs along the way.  Come on, you can SO do this.”

“At the end of the day, if you can walk away from a bumpy landing, a not-so-good day at work, or a trying time with the family, well, I hope you can draw a positive experience from it, and make taking on that approach vector another day easier.”  Everytime you’re faced with a difficult challenge, you can at least walk away telling yourself you learned something.  Wether you get over it right away, or have to take baby-steps, either way, it will come.  Rise above and overcome.

This book is really helping me deal with my current situation and my struggles in life right now.  Sometimes I think I’m too hard on myself and I don’t want to disappoint anyone.  But I take a breath, step back and think I need to do this for me and no one else.  I need to make myself happy.  Dave states “If what you’re doing isn’t working for you, shouldn’t you do something different?  I believe you should be happy and achieve all that you desire.”  I think I read that quote everyday, multiple times.  Is that weird?  I just feel comfortable knowing that this is okay and that I will move on.  And yes, maybe this is a rocky, bumpy part in my life…but hey, at least I tried!

And I end by saying:
“Whenever I am faced with a challenge, especially the unexpected and overwhelming ones, I always seemed to reflect on where I came from and how fortunate my life has truly become.  I could think of no other person who was as lucky as myself.  Even with all the chaos, the wild rollercoaster-like highs and lows, and the absolute, petty, needless bullshit flung my way, at least my life was an adventure.  At least I had a purpose.  Even if I failed, at least I TRIED!”


I’m gonna need a bucket, a paintbrush, and ten pounds of salt. January 27, 2009

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OMG, I haven’t been in this great of a mood since I don’t know when.
I just feel like telling someone about it.

Granted, these last few weeks have been terrible for me…I’ve definitely hit rock bottom and I know things can’t possibly get worse for me.  I just know that I have to keep my head up and move on!

Let me start off by saying:

1.  I was in a wreck a few weekends ago:
A girl pulled right out in front of me and said “she didn’t see me.”  Tore up the passager side of my car and one of my wheel covers.
2.  Good thing she had insurance.  She was 100% at fault and I didn’t have to pay a single cent for anything.  Well except for gas in my rental car.
3.  The whole process took about a whole day.  By the time I called the insurace company 3 times, called the repair company, took my car in, and called to get a rental car….my whole day was shot.
4.  The next weekend – I found out I have fraud on my checking account.  Great.  Some website got a hold of my debit card info and charged about $600 worth of stuff to my checking account.
5.  What a nightmare.  Another day, shot.  One the phone with these websites, who couldn’t tell me a damn thing…not even a company name or her name.  Yes, she was foreign and I could hardly understand her.  Go figure.
6.  In and out of the bank about 4 different times trying to open a new account, close my old one, do paperwork, etc.  Thanks for the money dad.  I really appreciate it!
7.  Then being put on hold for at least 30 minutes just to claim fraud and answer a million questions that I didn’t have the answer to, only because these websites couldn’t tell me a damn thing about how they got my info.
8.  To top it off…I go to pick up my car at the shop…and they didn’t fix it all the way.  They totally looked over my wheel cover.  It was still cracked.  Good thing I caught it before I drove away.  They said “oops, we’ll fix it for you next week.”  Great, this means I have to take off work an hour early just to have them replace my wheel cover.

How could things possibly get worse for me?
I have grown up so much over the past 3 weeks, it’s unbeliebable.  I can’t even describe how much I’ve learned.
And you’re wondering why I’m in such a great mood? 

* Whitney is coming to visit this weekend and we are skiing at Angel Fire, NM.
We already have our hotel room booked right there at the resort (ski in/ski out).  Twin Tip Nation will be there this weekend too, so I’ll be able to ski for free!!  This will probably be my last skiing adventure out here so I want to make it fun!  I’m trying to talk her into dying her hair red again.  Who’s with me???

Angel Fire is one of my most favorite places to ski out here!  The people are great, the snow is perfect, and have I mentioned they have a short bus in the terain park?  They even have animal cut-outs on the trees!!  Yeah, it’s awesome!  I think I love it so much because it’s owned and operated by Texans…NOT New Mexicans.  Is that mean?  I don’t care.

* Ryan is coming out to visit on Feb. 12th.  We don’t really have any plans and I love it.  We’ll probably do a hike, go to dinner, maybe do the tram, etc.  I think I’m going to start packing that weekend too!  Yay!!  Dad – I might even take him to Turtle Mountain.  We’ll see if he likes it as much as you guys did!

* Have I mentioned I’m moving home?!?!?!

* I got a call about a Graphic Design job from an International company!  It sounds great and I’m so excited to see what he has to say about it.  The guy who called me is also moving (from Chicago to Cincinnati), so he is familiar with my situation and would like to talk on the phone with me either later this week, or early next week.


I can’t wait to be home!


It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me…and I’m feeling good! January 14, 2009

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Well,  I have finally come to a final decision:
I’m moving home.|

My dad and I have been corresponding via email for the past few days about my whole situation and weighing the options.
I, personally, have decided this is the best thing to do right now.  So as of March 1st, 2009…I will officially become a resident of Ohio again…and I couldn’t be more excited!
Although the job market isn’t at it’s best right now, I am willing to take any job that will pay the bills just so I can be home with my friends and family. 
I am beginning to breakdown mentally and physically out here and not a day goes by where I don’t cry my eyes out…sometimes for no reason at all…simply just because I hate it out here.

I’d like to start off by saying living out here in Albuquerque, NM has been so amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!  I have grown up so much and have come to realize I’m not the shy teenager I used to be.  I’m no longer afraid to make dreaded phone calls to people I don’t know, I’m no longer afraid to ask questions at work, I’m no longer afraid to go places by myself, and I’m definitely no longer afraid to stand up for myself.  If you get the opportunity to move away from home…even if it’s for just a short period of time…DO IT.  You will learn so much about yourself and your surroundings.  I couldn’t be more proud of myself.  I never knew living on my own, 1300 miles away, would be so difficult.  But now that I’ve done it…I feel like I can accomplish anything on my own now…and I love that feeling!  There are so many things you don’t even think of….shopping for car insurance, hooking up wireless Internet, ordering cable tv, putting together all of your furniture, buying your first bed, repairing broken appliances, etc.  I never thought I would be able to do it…but it feels great to say that I am 25 years old and I have lived across the country for a full 2 years!!  What have you done today?

I very much appreciate everything my parents have done for me over the last two years.  They have stood by my side and supported me through everything!   I feel so blessed to have them in my life.  They have taught me so much, and if it weren’t for them…there would be no way I could have done this on my own.  I know they miss me as much as I miss them, but they are constantly telling me everything will be okay and I will get through this.  But the time has come, and I simply can’t get through it anymore.  This is why I love them…they are supporting me in whatever I decide to do.  It’s so great to know that I have parents who support my decisions 100%. 

I have been sitting on this decision since August when I called my dad crying on my way home from work telling him to drop everything and come get me.  I hadn’t thought it through completely and decided it wasn’t the right thing to do and that I was going to try to make it through one more ski season.  Well, the time has come, and I’m still in that same position.  I’m ready to come home.  Nothing has changed between then and now…and I think 4 months of feeling like that is a pretty good sign that it’s time for a change. 

One more important thing I’ve learned over the past 2 years….I am absolutely miserable without my friends and family.   I cannot function without the constant annoyance of my family.  I love them!  I miss not being there watching my twin sisters grow up.  I miss not being there for the birth of Peyton.  I miss not being there to see my sister graduate college.  I miss not being able to go to Wild Mike’s with mom every Wednesday. I miss Friday dinners at dad’s.  I miss not being able to call my friends and hang out whenever I want.  I miss Bengals games (sad to say).  I miss not being around for the building of my dad’s new house.  I miss crashing at the Strohman’s pool in the summer.  I miss Kcubed!  I’ve missed so much over the last two years and I’m simply done with it.  I have to be there, it’s a necessity in my life.

I think the hardest part in this whole decision making process is the possibility of being looked at as a failure.  At times, I feel like I should be stronger and stick this out as long as I can.  But I’m at the end of the road.  I just can’t take it anymore.  I’m to the point where I don’t care what people have to say about it anymore.  You cannot persuade me either way.  Although I don’t want to lets me parents down, I want them to be proud of me, but I also want them to realize how hard it is to be away from home for so long.  Moving away has definitely made me respect my home more than ever! 

I have laid out a budget of my money and my income and have come to realize that I can no longer afford to live out here anymore.  The money I was able to save living rent-free for the first 3 months I was here is now catching up to me.  I feel like a poor person saying this but I have learned to wash my dishes by hand, cut back on shampooing my hair, eating breakfast, not doing my laundry as often….all because I want my soaps, detergents, food, etc. to last me as long as possible.  I have even stooped down to buying a few articles of clothing at Wal-Mart, yes, Wal-Mart.  I HATE Wal-Mart!!  I’m not blaming anyone but myself for this bad mistake of handling my money poorly.  I was selfish last winter and went skiing almost every weekend not thinking of where I would end up a year later.  It was a mistake, I’m admitting it, and I’ve learned from this.  I need to manage my money better, and I think by moving home it will help.  I will not be paying $500 in rent every month, I will not be going on ski trips every weekend, I will not have to fly home to visit anymore, etc.  Just thinking about it changes my attitude and I couldn’t be more excited to start saving up for the more important things in life.

The lifestyle out here is definitely not for me.  This was a learning experience, and as I said before I have absolutely not one single regret about moving out here.  But I know now that I do not want to spend my life out here.  I most certainly do not want to start a family here, buy a house here, grow up here, or even buy my next car here.  My only tie to home has been my Ohio drivers license…as I refused to even get a New Mexico license.  Although I did manage to get New Mexico party plates that read “SKIBUM3.”  I’m done with the lifestyle here…Cincinnati called and wants me back.

The only thing that I’m really going to have to get used to about the initial move is moving back in with my parents and getting used to the crazy lifestyle again.  As much as I love my parents…I am dreading the move back in.  I’ve been so used to doing things to my leasure everyday of my life for 2 years…it will definitely almost be a culture shock.  I will also have to take it slow getting back into the lifestyle of my friends.  Just thinking about it is causing headaches.  Dinner, hanging out, going out, chatting and gossip, the drama, concerts, etc.  I have become so used to not having people around me on a daily basis.  I go to work, go to the gym, go home, and go to bed….just to do it all again the very next day.  I never really interact with people much out here…other than an occasional conversation at work or a chat with Adam at home.  I could easily go for 2 or 3 days straight without saying a single word to anyone.  I know it’s crazy, but it’s the truth.  I don’t want to live this life anymore!

I plan on putting in my two weeks notice on Thursday, Feb. 12.  Hopefully to be home by Sunday, March 1st…depending on dad’s schedule.  I am first going to ask my company if they will allow me to work from home via remote-desktop.  My company is very up-to-date with technology and will provide any kind of software and hardware to you to make your job easier.  But with the economy slowing, work has been scarce, and we have been slow.  Over the last 6 months we have lost almost 15-20 employees, the owners and co-owners have taken a 10% pay cut, we are no longer allowed to work over-time, and all travel budgets have been put to a stop.  With there only being 3 designers company-wide, I feel they should definitely allow me to work from home.  I will even take a pay-cut.  For the most part, I like what I do, and see no reason why I wouldn’t be able to do the same projects I do here in the office…at home, as long as I have the correct software and are able to connect via remote-desktop.  Half the time I sit here and read books or do Photoshop Tutorials anyway.

In the end, I have to do this for ME.  I have to do what makes myself happy.  Money and a good job doesn’t define “happiness,” and I can no longer go on living my life like this.  I have learned so much from my experience and would NEVER take any of it back.  It was the most exciting 2 years of my life and I’m ready to be back home because home is where the heart is.

I owe everything to my parents from putting up with my whining, to always being there when I have a question, to teaching me day to day things, for supporting my every decision, and most of all, for understanding who I am and making me who I am today!  I love you!  Just the thought of being back in the comfort of my own home brings tears to my eyes.  Bring on March, 1st!!!


Blank. January 8, 2009

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I just want to move home.
Someone help me find a job.
I hate it here.
I’m out of money and can’t afford this lifestyle.
I cry everyday.
I miss my family, friends, and boyfriend.
People here are so different.
I think I’m mentally breaking down.
Someone help.
My job sucks.  I haven’t done a damn thing all week…besides read Twilight.
I just wanna hide under a rock and forget life for a while.
I’m not happy anymore.


The Little Brother I Never Had. December 18, 2008

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Thought it was about time for a little update.

I decided not to write about the Thanksgiving/Birthday/Pirate week…just like I probably won’t write too much about Christmas and New Years, simply because it was just too eventful and I believe the pictures (whether seen on Facebook or Myspace) can pretty much tell the story for you.  Apologies.

Anyhoozies – Winter is upon us.  Adam and I went out for our first real ski weekend on December 5-7.  Good times were had by all.  I originally did not plan on going, as I am watching my money….especially since Christmas is coming.  But needless to say…Peer-pressure is a BI*CH.  Adam comes home from work on Friday the 5th and says “Okay, so you ready to go?”  I played dumb and said “Go where?”  One thing led to another, and we were out the door.  Rollin in the new BMW up to Taos.
The Abominable Snowmansion – What a name for a hostile at $25/night.  It’s definitely “abominable”.  This wasn’t the first time we  had stayed there.  Luckily enough…we got a room in the main building with a private bathroom.  As for the last time, we slept in a 5’x5′ cabin (a.k.a. box), with no heat, and plywood for a mattress, and a few blankets.  Comfy, you say?  Heck no.  Our new room consisted of a bathroom/shower room, one queen size bed, and about 7 sets of bunk beds.  That’s it.  Not even a TV.  But it was better than “the box.”   Adam was even scared to walk around barefoot.
Skiing was awesome, even though they only had about 7 runs open.  It was still manageable.  I forgot how much I love Taos…not only do they have trailersthat come around to your car to give you a ride up to the mountain, but the people up there are so great and love to help you out in any way possible.  Withthat said, we quit early on Saturday so we could watch the Florida Gators game (they won), and I ended up hanging at the bar with the head of ski patrol (who was hammered), but bought me two shots of SoCo and Lime.  Sweet!  Adam and I also killed about 3 or 4 beers each.  It was a pretty fun day, but I was sleepy and was in bed by 10pm.
Sunday I had a headache all day (for obvious reasons), but managed to ski a full day without complaining.  The skiing was great, but got icy later because the temp was dropping.  We rolled out of there around 3 and we were home by 6:30.  I was damn tired, unpacked, and crashed out!

Friday the 12th rolled around and I get a random text from my friend Zach.  He informed me he just got laid off from his job and was saving money to go to the Orange Bowl in Miami for New Years.  He had a pretty decent amount saved up thus far, but the trip was turning out to be a little pricier than expected….so he asked what I was up to this week.  “NOTHING!!”  Next thing you know, he was on a plane out of Indy at 7am on Saturday the 13th.  This is what I love about Zach.  Not only is he my little brother I never had, but he’s so random about everything (like me).  If he wants to pack up and go somewhere, he’s gone! 

I picked him up from the airport at 2 on Saturday afternoon, we went home, and decided what to do for the night.  I had totally forgotten about my office dinner party at my bosses house, so I kinda had to go to that.  Zach came with me, met everyone from my department, we ate dinner, did a White Elephant exchange, and we got outta there.  I wasn’t really in a mood to torture Zach with a “work party,” we we got out of there and went home.  He was tired from the jet-lag, so we put in a movie and went to bed.

Sunday, we were well rested and went up into the mountains to do some hiking.  We were gone all afternoon checking out the hot springs and playing in the snow.  It was a great day, a little chilly, but very relaxing to just hang out withMother Nature.  After a few hours of hiking, we headed home to catch some of the last football games of the day.    Zach was nice enough to go to the store to buy food and cook dinner too!  He made spaghetti withhomemade sauce with sausage chunks.  It was absolutely delish.

Ah, Monday, back to work.  We had heard snow was on the way, but I hardly thought anything of it because they are usually wrong anyway.  Not this time.  Zach stayed at my house all day and applied for jobs and got his resume together, while I slaved away at work…well until 4pm when the “white death” hit.  I told a few people I was gonna cut out early before things got worse.  Well, it still took me 2.5 hours to get home.  UGH!  By the time I got home, I was in a crabby mood from sitting in traffic, but ready to make some cocktails and pretend work was cancelled the next day.  Adam was home, Scott was sitting in traffic still, and Zach was cooking breakfast for dinner.  I poured a Jack and Coke and sat on the couch to catch my breath and relax.  One thing led to another, the snow kept falling, so it was time to play.  The four of us tore open more Jack and Cokes, put on our winter clothes, and tossed a football in the street till about 10pm.  Adam being from Florida, doesn’t own a sled…but he definitely owns a boogie board.  And living in the desert…we don’t have too many hills to sled down.  But it’s a good thing the boogie board has a strap.  We took turns dragging each other around on the board in the middle of the street.  Fun times, but it was getting late, and we were all getting kinda drunk and waking up the neighbors.

Tuesday, our roads were still a mess.  Apparently we don’t get snow plowing service in my neighborhood.  And after driving 2.5 hours to get home last night, there was no way I was about to drive in it again.  Adam took the day off too.  So we just sat around allll day day watching TV.  It was the greatest thing ever!  Later that day  the snow had completely melted away and was definitely driveable again.  Zach and I went out to a very nice Chophouse called Monticello’s Chophouse.  I think our bill was easily over $100, but he didn’t let me see it.  What a nice guy.  This was Zach’s last night, so we just came home, he packed up, and we went to bed.  I took him to the airport at 5:30am on Wednesday and said Goodbye!  I love surprise visitors!!!!

Now, today is my last day at work till 2009.  Tomorrow I head back to Cincy for the holidays.  I can’t wait to see everyone!!


Halloweekend. November 19, 2008

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Holy cow, what a weekend.  I didn’t even have time to think this weekend.  I arrived in Indy on Friday, Oct. 31st around 2 in the afternoon where Ryan met me at baggage claim.  I was so excited to see him and hang out all weekend.  The ride home went quick.  We chatted about everything but we were extremely excited for the weekend and all the crazy events that were to come.  We stopped by my mom’s house to drop off her Halloween costume that I made and printed at work.  She assembled it while me, Ryan, and Whit went to my dad’s to visit.  We played with Taylor and Madison, cracked open a bottle of wine, and a few beers, and ordered some pizza.  We hung out outside for a little while (because who’da thought it would be 70 degrees at the end of October?).  After a little bonding and taking pictures, it was time for Taylor and Madison to go trick or treating…so we left.  We got back to mom’s around 6 and started getting ready for the Halloween party.  Ryan and I were Indians, Whit was Sarah Palin, and mom was a box of wine.  We pre-gamed a little, Kim and Nick showed up, and we left.  Kim and I always get the shaft when it comes to riding in mom’s car.  But it’s all good.  We can always count on sitting in the back now.  We got down to Mariner’s Inn a little after 9 and busted out the beer bong in the parking lot while we waited for Mike and Sarah to show up.  A few people bonged (I didn’t, because I don’t know how).  The party was a hit.  I hate to say it, but we should just declare Nick’s party every year as a Taylor High School reunion, plus more.  It was so awesome to see everyone!!  I think Joe Curry was a little too happy to see me…either that, or he was just really drunk.  Jeremy and some of his gang came, and even Aim-boo was there!  It was Cherry Ridge all over again.  Tim Kyde had, by far, the BEST Joker costume!  By the end of the night, things started to get a little blurry and even Kyle showed up, so it was time to go home and crash!


Saturday morning rolled around way to quick and it was time to get up and start all over again.  This time, it was off to MSJ for tailgating.  Another k-cubed reunion…consisted of corn hole, flip cup, and being typical k-cubed.  Time sure doe go fast when you’re having fun.  Dan was bugging the crap out of me to come to Maloney’s…so by third quarter we packed up and took the party to Maloney’s (we also ran the generator out of gas, so no more music…it was a good excuse to leave anyway).  Whiteness and his gang beat us there, already saddling up to the bar, 3 beers ahead of us.  But we caught up in no time.  Someone kept ordering too many shots, Dan and I compared shoe sizes (clearly he won), we messed around with touch tunes, smoked candy cigarettes (who brought those??), Mike got a hold of my camera, took pictures under the table, and needless to say, the end of the night looked like this.  Yeah.  Oops.  Good times were had by all, and I’m glad the boys showed up!  For some odd reason Ryan and I left with Mike to go hang out at Tom’s house then walk to the bars in Cheviot.  It was one of those “it sounded good at the time” kinda things.  We got to the bar in Cheviot and wondered why we were here.  So mom came to get us and we went home.  It was way past bedtime anyway.


Sunday was a disaster trying to get out of bed at 6:30am.  Ouch.  But Sundays call for Bengals tailgatingWhere Dey?  I have no idea…luckily they won though…because I was there, DUH!  We had a good girl’s gang and a good guy’s gang down there, although none of us went into the game.  Instead, we stood around and watched Justin get absolutely smashed…by himself.  By the end of the day…I’m pretty sure he couldn’t stand up straight.  After the game, Ryan and I went to my dads and watched a movie while I fell asleep on the couch.  It was a crazy long weekend and I was sleepy!!!


Monday I had an interview with a head hunting company who, keep your fingers crossed, could possibly find me a job.  After that, Ryan and I went to lunch at Chipotle (YAY!), went to see Jessica’s new baby, Riley, then went to check out his River Camp on Brower Rd.  We hung out there for a little bit, and then it was off to Indy again.  Man, weekends sure do go quick when you have fun. 


What an insane weekend, but it was such a good time!!  I’m glad I got to see all of my friends.

Now I can’t wait till Friday!!!!  I’m heading to Nashville for GIRLS WEEKNEN…then to Cincy for the WHOLE week!  I can’t wait.  So much is going on, and I can’t wait to see everyone again!


Signing off.